Burrowing Snake-eel

Burrowing Snake-eel (Pisodonophis cancrivorus)
Cyrene Reef, 23rd May 2008

It is possible that some of the snake-eels we encounter are the similar Boro Snake-eel (Pisodonophis boro), which appears to be more closely tied to estuarine and freshwater habitats)

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Singed Cone

Singed Cone (Conus consors)
Lazarus Island, 20th February 2011

The colours of the shell may have faded, but based on the shape of the shell, as well as comparison with photos of shells on Coneshell.net and the list of Conus species recorded for Singapore, I feel that the Singed Conch is the closest match.

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Gecko (F. Gekkonidae)
Jurong, 23rd November 2010

This gecko carcass was found within a light fixture along a pathway. I presume that it entered the light fixture to feed on insects attracted by the light, only to be trapped and subsequently killed as a result of the intense heat given off by the light bulbs.

It most probably belonged to one of the following species:

Flat-tailed gecko (Cosymbotus platyurus)
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Four-clawed gecko (Gehyra mutilata)
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Spiny-tailed house gecko (Hemidactylus frenatus)
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