Monday Morgue on Project 79

Monday Morgue is mentioned as an entry on Project 79!


Project 79 is a student initiated project by Chua Shi Min, Ye Xiao Xia and Zhuo Dandan, students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Humanities, Chinese Media and Communication. Their project aims to collect stories relating to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and the KTM railway lines in general. Out of all the materials collected, 79 top stories will be published on a website as an e-book for free viewing. Also, the figure “79” represents the 79 years of services provided by the station.


I got to know the 3 girls behind this project at the Tanjong Pagar KTM & GreenCorridor Open Mic @ The Pigeonhole on 24th June, where they had a short presentation about Project 79, and approached several of the other speakers to share their stories. Apparently, my little piece on the dead animals I’d found along the tracks had made a great impact on them, and so I was asked to contribute as well.

The entire site is written in Chinese, and my entry itself is still incomplete, but you can read the introductory paragraph here. I’m the 75th story featured, and it is entitled The “Death” Railway.


For the benefit of those not well-versed in Chinese, here’s a loose translation of what’s been written so far:

I think this is the most original story about the railway that I have ever seen.

Death makes people fearful and recoil in horror, but instead, he dares to get close and explore further. Even as the closure of the train station was imminent, we did not want to emphasise the idea of things stopping and coming to an end. However, Ivan’s relationship with the railway began with the concept of death itself…

(To be continued, stay tuned for the release of the complete edition)

I’m keen to wait and see what else the Project 79 team has to say about Monday Morgue, and in the meantime, am reading some of the other entries (while stretching my limited grasp of the Chinese language).

Do visit the Project 79 website to take a look at what people have to share about their connections and relationships with the railway and Green Corridor. You can also follow updates from the team by ‘Liking’ their Facebook page.

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