Acorn Barnacles

Acorn Barnacles (Balanus sp.)
Sengkang Riverside Park, 27th November 2010

These empty shells of Acorn Barnacles were found on a concretised section of the riverbank at Sungei Punggol. In the past, this stretch would have been subject to the ebb and flow of the tides, and the water must have been sufficiently salty to sustain some marine organisms. However, with the subsequent damming of the river mouth to form Punggol Reservoir, the salinity has presumably dropped, killing off those organisms unable to survive in freshwater. These dead barnacles, and the mangroves that still grow along the riverbank, hence represent a time not very long ago, when the sea still exerted significant influence over aquatic life in the former estuary.


Belongkeng (Ellobium sp.)
Pulau Sudong, 5th December 2009

Based on the shape of the shell, it probably belongs to the species known as the Midas’ Ear (Ellobium aurismidae).

Lesser Green Emperor

Lesser Green Emperor (Anax guttatus)
Bukit Merah, 27th June 2011


This Lesser Green Emperor (also known as the Hairy Emperor) dragonfly was found on the KTM railway tracks that run through Bukit Merah. Although it was still twitching and technically not quite fully dead, the fact that its head had been almost completely severed meant that it qualifies as a Monday Morgue entry.