Eel (Anguilliformes)
East Coast Park, 21st February 2010

This dessicated and sand-encrusted eel was found on the beach along East Coast Park. I presume that it was caught by an angler and then left to die on the shore. I personally have an axe to grind with people who do such things. Even if the fishes that are caught are unwanted, surely it’s not too difficult to empathise with them and release them back into the water? Why make a fish die so unnecessarily?

I didn’t look too closely to conclusively identify it, though I would think that it’s either a moray eel (F. Muraenidae) or snake eel (F. Ophichthidae).There are 2 species which I think are among the more likely candidates:

Estuarine Moray Eel (Gymnothorax tile)

Burrowing Snake Eel (Pisodonophis cancrivorus)

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