Smooth Seagrass Octopus

Smooth Seagrass Octopus (F. Octopodidae)
Pasir Ris, December 30th 2009

This dead octopus, possibly a Smooth Seagrass Octopus, was found by Loh Kok Sheng. This was documented during a fish mass mortality event that occurred in December 2009; whether the octopus had died as a result of the same (as yet unknown) factors that killed countless fishes along the same stretch of shore is a mystery.

This is one of many little-known species inhabiting shores that will be surveyed as part of the Northern Expedition of the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey. Taking place from 15th October to 2nd November, researchers and volunteers will be involved in collecting samples and surveying various marine habitats, in an attempt to catalogue the marine life that lives in the waters along the northern coasts of Singapore.

Find out how you can contribute to Monday Morgue too.

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