Feral Pigeon

Feral Pigeon (Columba livia)
Tiong Bahru, 6th October 2012

This carcass of a Feral Pigeon was seen by Jocelyn Yin.

I decided to feature this species as a commemoration of sorts: On 29th December, The Pigeonhole, one of my favourite cafes, closed due to rising rentals and funding issues. It’s a tragic loss, and it’s not only because I loved to hang out there with friends, or that I became friends with the owners, or that I loved the coffee and ciders.

For close to 2 years, The Pigeonhole wasn’t just a cafe to sit down with a cup of coffee and a book, it was a space for the arts and civil society, where small-scale events and exhibitions were held, where ideas were conceived and incubated.

The development of Monday Morgue itself beyond this blog has close connections with The Pigeonhole; it was during the Tanjong Pagar KTM and Green Corridor Open Mic session held there in June 2011 that I did a public talk about the importance of animal carcasses (with plenty of gruesome photos of animal carcasses I’d found along the railway tracks). The lively reception I received from the small audience helped me gain confidence in sharing about this rather niche (and very morbid) interest.

The Pigeonhole was also where I sat down one afternoon at the beginning of May to set up a Facebook page for Monday Morgue, a few weeks before I gave a talk at the Festival of Biodiversity. And I’ve lost track of all the times I wrote posts, or edited and processed photos, or uploaded old shots to Monday Morgue’s Instagram for #DailyDecay, while drinking toffee apple cider or brown latte there.

For now, The Pigeonhole continues to exist as an online entity, and hopefully, the owners will be able to find a new and affordable place to re-establish a physical space. Until then, this is my way of giving thanks for all the #pigeonholememories.

Find out how you can contribute to Monday Morgue too.

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