Fig. 1. Dorsal view of roadkill Jasper Cat Snake (ZRC 2.7020).
Fig. 2. Ventral view of roadkill Jasper Cat Snake (ZRC 2.7020).
(Photographs by Noel Thomas)

Jasper Cat Snake (Boiga jaspidea) roadkill at Upper Seletar

Location, date and time: Singapore Island, Upper Seletar area; 13 March 2013; 1150 hrs.

Observation: A female measuring 120 centimetres total length was found on the road, freshly killed by a vehicle (Fig. 1). It had sustained fatal injuries to the anterior portion of the body which was flattened.

Remarks: The specimen was collected by the contributor who then deposited it in the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research at the National University of Singapore under the catalogue number ZRC 2.7020.

In Singapore, the Jasper Cat Snake occurs in mature forest in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and on Pulau Tekong (Baker & Lim, 2012: 95). As it is rarely seen, it is regarded as a ‘critically endangered’ species within Singapore (Lim et al., 2008: 162).


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Source: Singapore Biodiversity Records 2014: 68-69

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