We found this tiny Common Wolf Snake (Lycodon capucinus) at a roadside path at Boon Lay (Singapore) today. Its body is bruised and its head is gone. We suspect that it was killed by someone who might be afraid of its presence.

The Common Wolf Snake is non-venomous and is a native in Singapore. It may move its tail much like a rattlesnake when threatened, and it gets nervous and bites if handled by humans.

This nocturnal snake is most commonly found on open ground, around buildings or in low vegetation.

Leave them alone if you see them. They feed mainly on lizards such as geckos and skinks and they really mean no harm to humans.

Want to know more about snakes in Singapore? Download the “SG Snakes” mobile app (available on iPhone and Android) if you havent already done so! This very educational app will come in handy and help you identify snakes when you chance upon them.

Project: WILD (护野团队) Facebook

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