A Bornean Slow Loris (Nycticebus menagensis) got run over on Jalan Jerudong a few days ago.

However, a commendable act took place, Mr. Hakam stopped just to rescue this amazing and threatened creature. We thank you for your heroic act and for calling us. When we saw that it was visibly injured and was not responsive, we thought it might die.

However, the next day we handed it over to the Wildlife Division, MIPR who took it to the vet. They informed us a few days ago that it received some medication and is recovering. We hope the wildlife division can keep us informed on the status of this beautiful animal. We thank the wildlife division for cooperating with us.

Source: 1StopBrunei Wildlife Facebook

The wildlife division who were taking care of the Bornean Slow Loris informed us yesterday that it has died. Very sad indeed. The loris seemed to be improving, but he was badly injured and it looks like it took a toll on him. At least he survived in care for a few days instead of dying on the spot. Not everything has a happy ending, but we hope the loss of the cute loris makes everyone drive more carefully, especially at night, and to report the trade of protected animals.

Source: 1StopBrunei Wildlife Facebook

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