Brunei: 4th turtle found dead in Tungku beach
By Izzan Kassim, 28th April 2014;

A turtle and a jellyfish were found dead on the shores of Tungku Beach yesterday, joining the decomposing carcass of an unidentified sea animal believed to be a dugong.

The turtle was found dead near the entrance of the beach, where children could be seen playing in the water nearby.

This is the fourth time a turtle had been found dead this month after Meragang Beach reported three dead turtles. A previous report had stated that officers were only able to recover the remains of two of the turtles earlier this month.

Several metres away from the carcass at Tungku Beach, The Brunei Times spotted a jellyfish that had been washed ashore.

Meanwhile, the unidentified sea animal was still at the beach, two weeks after it was first sighted.

Much of its flesh had disappeared leaving behind the bones. A piece of wood was placed over the carcass to prevent people from accidentally stepping on the animal.

An officer from the Wildlife Division previously said Brunei does not have a mammal expert to identify the sea animal. The Wildlife Division could not be reached for comment yesterday.

In an interview, a beachgoer said the litter problem at the beach could be the cause of the unidentified sea animal’s death.

A kayak operator at the beach said people usually leave their rubbish behind because there are no rubbish bins.

The New Straits Times had also recently reported the discovery of two decomposed Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) carcasses at Tanjung Purun beach in Labuan. The carcasses of four sea turtles were also found floating in Sabah’s east coast.

Source: The Brunei Times

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