1-2. Very large dead fish probably washed up at most recent high tide.
3. I saw about 20 of these small dead groupers.
4-5. Other dead fishes seen.

I heard the water was not quite right at pasir ris. So had a quick look. White powdery insoluble stuff deposited at most recent tide line. Dead fishes of various kinds large and small every 20 steps or so. Beginning of plankton bloom? Will blog later.

Ria Tan Facebook

The fishes pictured are Pickhandle Barracuda (Sphyraena jello) (1-2), some sort of juvenile Grouper (Epinephelus sp.) (3), Talang Queenfish (Scomberoides commersonnianus) (4) and Snubnose Pompano (Trachinotus blochii) (5). The young Groupers and possibly the Snubnose Pompano are likely to have originated from the fish farms offshore, but the Pickhandle Barracuda and Talang Queenfish are wild fishes that were possibly also affected by the adverse environmental conditions.

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