So we were on our way to Kemaman on Feb 13 when She Yong suddenly spots something black and white by the East Coast Highway. No, it wasn’t a Panda, but instead it was Malaysia’s very own Tapir. This unfortunate Malayan Tapir (Tapirus indicus) was involved in a roadkill. According to the Terengganu Wildlife Department, fencing along the highway is vandalised in many places, hence enabling the Tapir to access the road.

If you ever encounter something similar, do you know you can contact the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN) hotline? -1800 88 5151- OR, contact the MYCAT Wildlife Crime Hotline. – 019 356 4194- They will inform the relevant authorities. You can also call them to voice your concerns should you suspect something is amiss (e.g. ppl selling rare animals). But please note down important details such as location, time etc and take pictures, if possible.

Source: Vicki Chew Facebook

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