Zulfahmi holds the dead crocodile that was caught in his trawl net. Photo by Shaiful Shahrin Ahmad Pauzi

Malaysia: No fish but fisherman gets two metre-long crocodile in his net
By Audrey Dermawan, 4th April 2015;

An almost two metre-long Estuarine Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) was found dead after it got entangled in a trawl net on Thursday night.

The discovery of the reptile, weighing 30kg, was made by fisherman, Zulfahmi, 29.

When met, Zulfahmi said he and his friend were shocked to find the giant reptile stuck to the trawl net as only giant ikan siakap (Barramundi) (Lates calcarifer) would land there usually.

He said he and his friends would usually set up the trawl net at sea in Pantai Ban Pecah, Tanjung Piandang here and check on it the following day.

“We were initially happy when we saw the float, tied to the trawl net, had submerged into the water. We thought we landed another giant siakap fish.

"However, when we tried to pull up the trawl net, we sensed something amiss as it would not float. We continued to pull at it and to our surprise, we saw a Crocodile inside,” he said.

Zulfahmi said they dare not approached the reptile initially for fear that it was still alive, but upon closer inspection, found that it was already dead.

“We then pulled up the trawl net and the Crocodile into our sampan and went back to shore,” he added.

Source: New Straits Times

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