Thailand: Gaur killer surrenders to police

By Kritsada Mueanhawong, 30th October 2015;

The killer of a beloved Gaur (Bos gaurus), a protected species of bovine, surrendered to police in Krabi yesterday morning.

Preeda Paklaw, 41, presented himself, along with his shotgun, to the Plai Phraya Police.

“Mr Preeda said that while he was hunting, he saw something in the dark that looked like a Serow (Capricornis sumatraensis). He then shot twice,” said Maj Somporn Deeduang of the Plai Phraya Police.

Mainand Serow is a species of goat-antelope native to the region. Adults reach an average weight of about 150 kilograms.

“After he realized it was a Gaur, he was very upset and called a friend to help him move the body and destroy the evidence,” Maj Somporn said.

Mr Preeda told police that if he had known that the animal was a Gaur, he never would have shot it.

The 800-kilogram Gaur, named Jao Kai Dam (black eggs boy) by locals, had migrated to the area from Khao Sok National Park last year. He was found with nine bullet wounds to his body and a deep gash to his neck on Wednesday.

Many locals showed up to watch Mr Preeda reenact the crime yesterday.

He was charged with possession of a firearm, carrying a firearm in public without permission and killing a Category 2 protected species.

Mr Preeda confessed to all charges.

Source: Phuket Gazette

Mainland Serow was a common name used for Serow found in mainland Asia, back when all Serow were considered to be a single species, Capricornis sumatraensis. However, it is now thought that there are actually several species of Serow, with the name Capricornis sumatraensis) restricted to the species known as the Sumatran Serow, which is found in Sumatra and the Thai-Malay Peninsula. Mainland Serow now properly refers to the species also called the Chinese or Indochinese Serow (Capricornis milneedwardsii).

Thailand: Gaur killer surrenders to police

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