The female Large-spotted Civet road-kill
Photo: WWF-Malaysia/Christopher Wong

Recent records of Large-spotted Civet Viverra megaspila from Peninsular Malaysia
Muhamad HAMIRUL, Christopher Chai Thiam WONG, Azlan MOHAMED, Ching Fong LAU, Shariff Wan MOHAMAD, Elangkumaran Sagtia SIWAN & D. Mark RAYAN

Abstract: To date there have been few published records of Large-spotted Civet Viverra megaspila across much of its range. It is one of the least known small carnivore species in Peninsular Malaysia, where there have been no published records of this species since 1985. Here we present new photographic evidence of Large-spotted Civet in Peninsular Malaysia from a camera-trap study and a road-killed animal. This represents a significant finding of this species after a lapse of more than 25 years. Our findings also support the suggestion that this species is likely tolerant or has adapted to human disturbance and habitat modification, since both records were found in and around palm oil plantations bordering evergreen forest. However, to what extent it uses palm oil plantations is unknown and further studies are needed to determine this.

Excerpt: A female Large-spotted Civet road-kill (Fig. 3) was found on 24 November 2014, along a 5–6 m wide paved road near Gerik town, Perak state. The road-kill was in an area that was surrounded by palm oil plantations and less than 50 m from human settlements. The closest and largest forest blocks (greater than 100 km2) from the road-kill locality are approximately 3 km to the east (Air Cepam Forest Reserve within the Titiwangsa Mountain Range) and about 4.5 km to the west (Bintang Hijau Forest Reserve within the Bintang Hijau Mountain Range). At the time of discovery at approximately midnight, the carcass was still fresh. The Large-spotted Civet carcass was not collected.

Source: Small Carnivore Conservation 52-53: 74-83

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