Indonesia: Two Sumatran Tigers Rendered Crippled by Trap

27th January 2016;

Two wounded Sumatran Tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae) were found in a production forest in Mukomuko regency, Bengkulu, Indonesia. The wounds were suspected to be caused by traps set up by hunters.

The Head of Criminal Unit, AKP Welman Feri, stated to the press that the Chief of Mukomuko Police Department, AKBP Andhika Vishnu, has directly observed the Tigers’ condition through camera trap recordings owned by PT Sifef Biodiversity Indonesia, and it was apparent that Toth tigers are crippled.

Welman added that both crippled Tigers most likely got injured from trying to escape hunter traps, which made them lose their legs. However, the police cannot yet confirm the fact because the recordings are the only evidence. The camera traps were set up by PT Sifef Biodiversity Indonesia who is running a restoration project in the nearby state forest.

In addition, the company workers also claimed to have found lots of traps, which they assume were set up to catch Tigers within production forests and concessions.

“We do not know the total number yet, but it was a lot,” said Welman.

The amount of Tiger traps in the forest proves that Tiger poaching is still taking place in Mukomuko.

The police have arrested two poachers and dealers, also confiscated Tiger skin and organs. Other suspects are still under investigation. Mukomuko Police Department will continue the monitoring to prevent any more poaching around the regency.

Source: ProFauna

Indonesia: Two Sumatran Tigers Rendered Crippled by Trap

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