Another casualty in Brunei.

A juvenile Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) carcass was found 2 weeks ago by one of our followers while she was practising for our running event between Tungku and Berakas beach. We’ve yet to know the cause of death but we’ve informed Wildlife Division on this.

During this time of the year, mating season is at its peak here and more Sea Turtles will be landing and nesting on our beaches. RIP young one.

Please contact us if you found Sea Turtles nesting, carcasses and landing.

Source: Beach Bunch Facebook

This is the third such dead Turtle which we have reported this year. It is a sad occasion. What could be the causes, many people are questioning. Well quite frankly, no one really knows. However the main reason could be boat propellers hitting the Turtle when they are surfacing or maybe stuck in fishing nets. If any expert out there, or someone who has experience on such matters, has any views on it, please do share. People with boats, please be careful while on your boats in the sea especially close to the shore, but we know this is easier said then done

Source: 1StopBrunei Wildlife Facebook

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