6.5-foot Giant Oarfish found in Tibiao

A juvenile 6.5-foot Giant Oarfish (Regalecus glesne) was found in Tiguis Beach, Tibiao, Antique on Tuesday (May 31, 2016). The Oarfish is considered as the longest bony fish in the world. The specimen will be donated to the UPV Museum of Natural Science in UPV Miagao for further study.

Source: Flord Calawag Facebook

A 2 meter long Oarfish was found at Tiguis Beach, Tibiao, Antique this morning.

Source: Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines Facebook

A young Finless Porpoise (Neophocaena phocaenoides) approximately 2 years old and measuring 101 centimetres in length was found dead close to the pier in Don Sak, Surat Thani. A necropsy revealed bruising and blood in the trachea.

Source: Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) of Thailand Facebook

Red Egg Crab (Atergatis integerrimus)
Sentosa, 9th May 2016

Indonesia: Sumatran Tiger rescued from Wild Boar snare in West Sumatra

27th May 2016;

A Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae), which was trapped in a Wild Boar (Sus scrofa vittatus) snare in a hilly forest of Nagari Mandeh Village, West Sumatra, was rescued and evacuated by the local Natural Resource Conservation Agencys (BKSDAs) rescue team.

The team arrived in the area at 11:30 a.m. local time and managed to rescue the Tiger, which had been trapped since Tuesday (May 24), after making the big cat unconscious by shooting a tranquilizer dart, Head of Area III Conservation of West Sumatra BKSDA Surajiya stated here on Friday.

The Tiger would be brought to the Wildlife Cultural Kinantan Park in Bukittinggi District for rehabilitation.

“After undergoing rehabilitation, we will observe the Tiger’s recovery. If possible, we would return the Tiger to its habitat,” Surajiya affirmed.

Meanwhile, Chief of the Nagari Mandeh Village of Koto XI Tarusan Sub-district Jasril Rajo Basah expected the Tiger to be returned to its habitat near the village since the wild cat had not disturbed the day-to-day life of the villagers.

In fact, the village chief and local people acknowledged that the Tiger had several times helped the local people who had lost their way in the forest.

Moreover, the Tiger had become a natural predator of Wild Boars, which ravaged the peoples agricultural areas.

“We live side by side with the Tiger, therefore we hope the big cat will be returned here soon,” Basah added.

Source: Antara

Indonesia: Sumatran Tiger rescued from Wild Boar snare in West Sumatra