Thailand: Kindness is ‘here’
28th June 2016;

Social media members show their respect and admiration for a group of people who worked together to rescue a Malayan Water Monitor Lizard (Varanus salvator) that was hit by a car in Bangkok.

Facebook user Jira Niyom posted several photos of the rescue on Monday and wrote: “I would like to thank Soonthorn Katecha for paying the bills and contacting the veterinarian, Juk Noppol for placing traffic cones around the injured monitor lizard to prevent other vehicles running over it, Rachane for taking the animal to the vet, Dr Piyawutthi for deducting his professional fee, and Chantharang for a donation.”

Net users praised this group of “kind hearted” people for unreservedly helping Thailand’s “most hated” reptile. The Thai world for a Monitor Lizard sounds like “here” and the term is mostly used as a curse, like the “F word”, to express disgust, anger, sadness or surprise.

A Facebook user commented that all lives are precious, and the Monitor Lizard was fortunate to meet these nice volunteers.

“The Monitor Lizard is now safe and has been released. If the animal understood the situation, I believe it would want to say ‘thank you’ to these people,” the poster wrote.

Source: Bangkok Post

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