Photo: Dr. Samantha Licudine

The rescued Melon-headed Whale (Peponocephala electra) that stranded in Dasol, Pangasinan last Friday is doing better. She is now eating and is swimming around the rehab pool. Her buoyancy, however, is still not back to normal. PMMSN 1 headed by the team from BFAR region 1 is providing this animal the necessary medications and round-the-clock care.

Source: Friends of PMMSN – Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network Facebook

Tenpounder (Elops sp.)
Chek Jawa, 7th May 2016

This Tenpounder was one of many fishes found entangled in an illegal driftnet that had been laid across the lagoon at Chek Jawa. These photos were taken in the midst of clearing the net and removing all the fishes (both alive and dead) and other marine creatures trapped in it.

Two species of Tenpounder are believed to be present in Southeast Asian waters:

Indo-Pacific Tenpounder (Elops machnata)

Hawaiian Ladyfish or Giant Herring (Elops hawaiensis)

Thailand: Elephant dies a week after shotgun attack
By Narong Nuansakul, 24th September 2016;

A female Elephant (Elephas maximus) shot by a villager after going with her family to eat fruit at mountainside orchards in Narathiwat’s Ra Ngae district last week has died of her injuries, officials said yesterday.

The wounded mammal was found Thursday near a creek by Maotae Mountain in Tambon Mareu Botok, 200 metres from Ban Bra Eng Moo 2.

Chaloem Phra Kiat Sirinthon Wildlife Sanctuary head Wiroj Siri-umakul and chief of the 45th Ranger Regiment, Colonel Isara Janthakrayom, then called in a vet from Protected Area Regional Office 6 (Songkhla) to treat the Elephant, whose head and broken left hind leg were riddled with shotgun wounds.

The vet treated the immobile animal’s wounds and put her on a saline drip, but when officials went to check on her condition yesterday, she had succumbed to her injuries. Villagers buried the beast on the hill.

Quoting villagers, Wiroj said that the Elephant was part of a family of three, which included the male mate and a calf.

Forest official Chonsawat Boonklua will file a police complaint against the shooter.

Source: The Nation

Melon-headed Whale (Peponocephala electra) stranding in Pangasinan.

Source: Louie Beltran Abella Facebook, via Friends of PMMSN – Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network Facebook