Recently, we received a call for an injured Turtle at a pond in Punggol. To our shock, we rescued a Red-eared Terrapin/Slider (right) with his/her whole face bitten off by another Turtle in the pond. The poor Turtle had to be euthanised to end the suffering. We received another call the same weekend for another injured Turtle from the same location. It was heart-breaking to receive another similarly injured Red-eared Slider (left), who faced a similar fate.

Even though Red-eared Sliders are legally sold and allowed to be kept as pets in Singapore, they are wild animals with diverse needs in terms of space, sunlight and more. Very often, these animals end up being abandoned to fend for themselves in unfamiliar environments, and may end up getting run over on the roads or stranded in small drains and at times attacked by other animals.

When the demand stops, the trade will too! Please say no to buying/keeping these turtles as pets. If you already have a Red-eared Slider and are unable to provide for him/her – please do not release or abandon him/her. Instead, it is your responsibility to find the Terrapin a suitable home. You can enquire with landed properties with contained outdoor ponds for a possible re-homing solution!

Source: Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) Facebook

A fairly large Chinese Softshell Turtle (Pelodiscus sp.) has been photographed in the same pond, and might possibly be the culprit, biting and attacking the Red-eared Sliders due to hunger and overcrowding in this pond.

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