WHALE CARCASS – Marine mammal expert Darrel Blatchley goes through the remains of a beached Whale that was found in Kadatu Beach, Pag-ibig Village in Barangay Dumoy, Davao City last Sunday.
Photo: Yas D. Ocampo

Philippines: Lego bricks, metal strands may have choked beached Whale in Davao
By Yas D. Ocampo, 3rd October 2016;

Interlocking plastic bricks, more popularly known as Lego, and strands of metal may have caused the death of a Short-finned Pilot Whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus) which was found on a beach on the southern part of Davao City Sunday.

Darrel Blatchley, an expert in marine mammal beaching, told reporters Monday that an initial autopsy of the Whale showed that it had ingested the foreign materials, which may have been floating in the Davao Gulf.

The beached Whale was found in Kadatu Beach, Pag-ibig Village in Barangay Dumoy here.

Blatchley, the American curator of D’Bone Collector Museum here, said the Whale that was found dead Sunday was the third to have been beached in the area.

Blatchley said that the Whale may have been dead for a week before ending up along the coast of Davao City.

When Blatchley’s team arrived on the scene last Sunday, the whale was already in a state of decomposition, which led the team to conduct an autopsy on the spot.

Its tail had also been cut off, but Blatchley said that this could have happened along the Davao Gulf.

According to Blatchley, the Whale may have died of starvation of dehydration.

The Whale weighed at least 400 kilograms and would have been at least 13 feet long, Blatchley said.

Some of the Whale’s teeth were also gone that led Blatchley to surmise that these were plucked by curious locals or beachgoers who were after souvenirs.

Possession of any part of protected creatures is prohibited by law.

The bones of the marine mammal were immediately picked up by the Bone Museum, which displays bones of various animals found in different parts of the Philippines in a privately-run facility in this city.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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