Photos: Berita Lima, Suara Pemred, Tribun Pontianak [1], [2], Liputan 6

A code 2 (fresh dead) baby Bryde’s Whale (Balaenoptera edeni) was found at Kubu Raya West Kalimantan today. The approximate length is 6 m. So far, no news of necropsy has been done, and it seems the baby Whale has been refloated back to sea… First news from Rodney Westerlaken from the Sea Turtle WhatsApp group.

Source: Whale Strandings Indonesia Facebook

The taxonomy of the Bryde’s Whale is still far from settled; what we call the Bryde’s Whale has been split into two subspecies or even distinct species by some authorities: the true Bryde’s Whale, a larger species found in tropical and warm temperate waters worldwide (Balaenoptera brydei), and the Sittang or Eden’s Whale, a smaller form that may be restricted to coastal waters of the Indo-Pacific (Balaenoptera edeni). Both species(?) have been recorded from tropical waters of Southeast Asia.

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