Another fish kill affects barangay residents in Negros Occidental

5th April 2017;

Another fish kill blighted Pontevedra in Negros Occidental over the weekend, a second in the town since the first in late February.

GMA News’ “Unang Balita” reported Wednesday that the second fish kill incident happened in a creek in Barangay Don Salvador Benedicto.

Last Saturday, barangay residents were surprised to see numerous dead fish floating in Tuburan Creek, GMA News stringer Erwin Nicavera said.

Residents immediately alerted local Fishery authorities to investigate the fish kill’s cause, noting that only last February the same incident occurred in a river traversing three other barangays in the town.

Bantay-Dagat members took water samples from the creek for laboratory test.

They noted that water analysis from the February fish kill have been delayed, and that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Environment Management Bureau has yet to determine the cause.

Local officials in Don Mariano Benedicto are monitoring the creek’s situation, saying that the number of dead fish has not increased since Tuesday.

Residents feared the fish kill would affect their livelihood, the report said.

Source: GMA News Online

Another fish kill affects barangay residents in Negros Occidental

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