A male Panther, locally known as ’harimau kumbang’, was found dead along Jalan Sungai Yu-Merapoh near here yesterday.
Photos: STR / Mohd Rafi Mamat & Ahmad Nazree Sahbudin Facebook

Malaysia: Fatal accident along Jalan Sungai Yu-Merapoh claims life of endangered Panther
23rd June 2017;

A male Panther (Panthera pardus), locally known as ’harimau kumbang’, was found dead along Jalan Sungai Yu-Merapoh near here yesterday.

State National Parks and Wildlife Department (Perhilitan) director Ahmad Azhar Mohammed said the carcass of the protected animal was recovered some eight kilometers from the Sungai Yu eco-viaduct (wildlife crossing) about 10am on Thursday.

He said checks revealed the adult-sized Panther might have been hit by a heavy vehicle between midnight and early yesterday before some villagers stumbled upon the carcass.

“The animal sustained injuries on the head and this is the first incident reported along the stretch near Sungai Yu in Lipis,” he said.

Images of the Panther have gone viral on social media with many expressing concern for the safety of the endangered species especially when they roam close to the main roads at night and early morning.

On June 19, a two-year-old Elephant (Elephas maximus) was found dead by the roadside of the Gerik-Jeli Highway in Gerik, Perak after a motorist crashed into the calf about 2.30am.

Source: New Straits Times

Daily Decay (22nd June 2017): Indochinese Rat Snake (Ptyas korros) (?) @ Woodlands

The desiccated remains of a fairly long and thin-bodied snake were found along the KTM railway tracks that run through Woodlands, back when the trains still travelled along this stretch. It had most probably been killed by a passing train.

This carcass is tentatively identified as an Indochinese Rat Snake, based on the body proportions and the colour patterns on the scales of what remains of the tail.

Equatorial Spitting Cobra (Naja sumatrana)
Bedok Reservoir, 3rd May 2016

This large Equatorial Spitting Cobra was found dead in the drain that runs along the stretch of Tampines Park Connector along Bedok Reservoir Road. The obvious head and spinal injuries suggest that it had been killed by someone, possibly struck repeatedly by a blunt object.