Thailand: Forestry officials and police hunt for poachers responsible for shooting Gaurs
13th November 2017;

Forestry rangers and police today began to hunt for a group of poachers responsible for the shooting of three Gaurs (Bos gaurus) in Wang Nam Khieu district of Nakhon Ratchasima.

Forestry rangers said they believed this group of poachers has past record of hunting Gaurs in Khao Paeng Ma wildlife sanctuary in Wang Na Khuiu district of Nakhon Ratchasima province.

The poachers are believed still in the sanctuary and officials are questioning villagers and village headmen headmen in the areas for clues in hunting this group of poachers.

The police indicated that the group was run by a teacher who has been in the wildlife meat business.

Forestry rangers said there are about 300 Gaurs in the wildlife sanctuary and this year seven had been killed by poachers.

Villagers in Tambon Wang Nam Khieu alerted officials on Sunday of the finding of two dead Gaurs near Khao Paeng Ma mountain in Village 4, Ban Khao Paeng Ma.

One of the two had all its meat and intestines cut off and taken away leaving behind its head and skin. The other was still intact. Both were estimated to weigh about one tonne each.

Forestry rangers of Khao Paeng Ma wildlife sanctuary have lodged a complaint with Wang Nam Khieu district police to investigate the incident.

Regarding the first dead Gaur which was found in a tapioca plantation in Ban Tha Wangsai, Tambon Wang Mee, it was reported that police had arrested one suspect, the owner of the tapioca plantation which was trespassed by the Gaur.

Source: Thai PBS

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