A couple of announcements

Many of you would have heard the news that Posterous will be shutting down on 30th April 2013. Naturally, this means that Monday Morgue needs to find a new place. And nearly 1 year and 9 months after my initial dilemma over whether to host Monday Morgue on Tumblr or Posterous, I’m back on Tumblr once again.

I am still in the midst of migrating all my posts, but for the meantime, all the newest posts will be on Tumblr, The site still needs a bit of tweaking, but everything should be settled by the end of April. The Posterous site will be left dormant until the service goes offline anyway. So do remember to edit your bookmarks and links.

On another note, my decision to feature guest submissions turned out to be a great success; I now have plenty of photos shared by readers to last for some time. But because I have been posting guest submissions on a weekly basis for around a year, many of my own photos have not been featured, unless you’ve been following the #DailyDecay posts on Instagram.

As such, I will be posting a guest submission for the first week of every month, with my own photos being featured for the rest of the month.

That’s all for now. Time to start editing the formatting of all the migrated posts.

Happy Lunar New Year!

According to the Chinese zodiac, it’s the Year of the Snake! My wishes are pretty much the same as those that I had for Christmas – that this will be another year of amazing discoveries, meaningful encounters with biodiversity in its myriad forms, and stories to share with all. Good fortune, prosperity, and happiness to all, and once again, try not to become potential subjects for Monday Morgue so soon.

Of course, I always have to thank the people who have shared their photos with me. I’ve been featuring guest submissions for close to a year already, and unless you’ve been following me on Instagram or the Monday Morgue Facebook page, you probably wouldn’t have seen some of the newer photos I’ve taken. So I will be tweaking things a little, and ensuring that there’s a mix of both my own photos, as well as photos taken by others.