A baby Dolphin has been found by Kenny Peavy at Pantai Pasir Putih, Jasri. RIP little one. We are gathering more info at the moment to see if the corpse is still on site to do a necropsy.

Source: Soul Surf Project Bali Facebook

Thanks to Soul Surf Project Bali, we learned about a code 2 baby Dolphin in Jasri, East Bali, stranded yesterday morning, found by Mr Kenny Peavy. However, when our contact investigated it, the carcass isn’t there anymore. Either nature (wave, animal) or humans have gotten the baby Dolphin…

Source: Whale Strandings Indonesia Facebook

Based on the colour patterns, this is possibly a Pantropical Spotted Dolphin (Stenella attenuata).

Photo: Marketa Olmerova & Oldrich Olmer, on Marthen Welly Facebook

Indonesia: Two Whale Sharks stranded on Nusa Penida coast
4th July 2016;

Two Whale Sharks (Rhincodon typus) were found stranded on the shore of Nusa Penida Island, which is administratively a part of Bali, despite being completely separate from the island of God.

“The Whale Sharks were stranded due to severe injuries inflicted by the propeller blades of a boat that crossed their path,” Yudi Permana from the Coast and Sea Resources Management Hall stated in Denpasar on Monday.

Based on initial analysis, the wounds on the bodies of the Sharks are rather large, raising the suspicion of them being possibly hit by a propeller blade.

A verification team had visited the scene and had held a meeting with local public figures, authorities, and tourism stakeholders in Nusa Penida.

The meeting involved representatives from the Lembongan Marine Association, dive operators, the Technical Executive Unit of the Nusa Penida Water Reservoir, as well as the Coral Triangle Center.

The meeting was held to uncover the chronology of the incident and to establish preventive measures to avoid similar incidents from recurring in future.

Both Whale Sharks suffered wounds on their head, pectoral fin, and tail.

“The wounds indicate that they were struck by the propeller blades of a boat,” remarked Yudi.

Hence, Yudi believes that special legal and regulatory measures should be implemented in Nusa Penida as the areas tourism sector had grown at a rapid pace.

Moreover, divers and dive operators are required to abide by the diving ethics, including those related to interaction with sea creatures.

Source: Antara

Photo: Marketa Olmerova & Oldrich Olmer, on Marthen Welly Facebook

Indonesia: Boat propellers cause of injury to two Whale Sharks stranded off Bali
4th July 2016;

Propellers from a ship used by tourists may have been the cause of severe wounds on two Whale Sharks (Rhincodon typus) recently washed ashore in Bali.

The Bali Office for Marine, Coastal & Resources Management (BPSPL) said Monday it has studied the wounds found on the two Sharks now stranded on the shore of Nusa Penida island, a resort area in Bali popular for water sports.

The Sharks may have collided with a tourist boat, Yudi Permana of BPSPL said, citing the result of discussions with local figures, representatives from the tourism sector including diving operators in Nusa Penida, as well as the Lembongan Marine Association, the local unit of the Water Conversation Area and the Coral Triangle Center.

The two Sharks suffered wounds on their upper body, chest, rear area and tails, Yudi said.

Source: Jakarta Post

Photo: Marketa Olmerova & Oldrich Olmer, on Marthen Welly Facebook

Indonesia: Divers spot badly injured Whale Shark in Bali
By Ratri M. Siniwi, 1st July 2016;

The authorities are trying to locate a badly injured Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) that was spotted by divers in the Nusa Penida marine conservation area in Bali earlier this week.

A picture of the Shark was circulated on various social media sites after tourist divers Marketa Olmerova and Oldrich Olmer found the giant fish swimming slowly and bleeding heavily on Wednesday (29/06).

The two divers noticed five cuts around the Shark’s fins and abdomen, presumably caused by a speedboat propeller. They reported their discovery to dive operator and marine foundation Coral Triangle Center (CTC), which is located on Nusa Penida.

The news also caught the attention of the Klungklung district’s Marine and Fisheries Agency, as well as the Denpasar Center for Coastal and Marine Resources (BPSPL), which prompted the authorities and the CTC to launch an attempt at rescuing the severely injured fish, as reported by environmental news outlet Mongabay Indonesia.

“Yesterday we found a Whale Shark, but it was not the injured one. It is still on the loose,” the CTC’s Nusa Penida coordinator Wira Sanjaya said on Friday. “We are currently monitoring the situation on a daily basis, and cooperating with veterinarians for medical treatment.”

According to Wira, they have issued a code of conduct for divers and boat operators to ensure proper handling of such situations in future.

“The Whale Shark is still a baby, so we’re afraid it won’t be able to survive,” Marthen Welly of the CTC’s Learning Site Center told Mongabay.

There are usually several Whale Shark present in the Nusa Penida area during this time of year, coinciding with their annual migration. Whale Shark were also spotted in Gorontalo and Sulawesi since last month, state-run Antara news agency reported.

The Sharks are a protected species in Indonesia and the authorities are looking at the establishment of a public education program to promote conservation efforts.

Source: Jakarta Globe


Unfortunately, THIS VIDEO IS VERY DISTURBING… This week a juvenile Whale Shark was fatally injured by a boat propellor in Nusa Penida, Bali. This is incredibly sad news, however it highlights a very important issue. Unregulated marine tourism in Nusa Penida is having serious impacts on the marine environment. High speed watersports from mass tourism operators such as pontoons as well as boat traffic are not only dangerous in the area but are also damaging marine life.

This video was taken by tourists Marketa Olmerova & Oldrich Olmer at Buyuk, Nusa Penida on 25 July 2016.

Source: Lembongan Marine Association Facebook

PLEASE GIVE ATTENTION! It’s sad to see a Whale Shark in Nusa Penida hurt and bleeding by propellor of a boat. Thus, I would like to ask all marine tour operators that operate in Nusa Penida to brief their boat captains and crews including banana boat, jet-ski, diving boat, public boat, pontoon, cruise ship etc. to lower their speed when approaching Nusa Penida waters and not get too close to marine animals that appear on the surface of the water. We need to somehow regulate marine tourism activity in Nusa Penida.

Photos: Marketa Olmerova & Oldrich Olmer

Source: Marthen Welly Facebook

A code 3, unidentified Whale was found dead in the waters of Gerokgak, Buleleng Bali, nearby Atlas South Sea Pearl Farm. The Atlas staff and the locals are now trying to haul the whale for further identification etc. Thanks to Hanggar Prasetyo for the news. Photo from Atlas South Sea Pearl.

Source: Whale Strandings Indonesia

Other photos have revealed that this was a Bryde’s Whale (Balaenoptera edeni).

The taxonomy of the Bryde’s Whale is still far from settled; what we call the Bryde’s Whale has been split into two subspecies or even distinct species by some authorities: the true Bryde’s Whale, a larger species found in tropical and warm temperate waters worldwide (Balaenoptera brydei), and the Sittang or Eden’s Whale, a smaller form that may be restricted to coastal waters of the Indo-Pacific (Balaenoptera edeni). Both species(?) have been recorded from tropical waters of Southeast Asia.

A Balinese Hindu priest makes an offering to a dead Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus) washed ashore on Batu Tumpeng beach near Denpasar, Bali, on Monday.

Source: Jakarta Post

The stranding at Sampalan, Pulau Nusa. Already handled by Coral Triangle Center and the local marine office.

Sources: Whale Strandings Indonesia Facebook, Whale Strandings Indonesia Database

This has been identified as a Melon-headed Whale (Peponocephala electra).

Breaking News! 16-metre Whale stranded on Pantai Batu Tumpeng Klungkung / Bali this Monday morning 14/03/2016 at 4 am.

Source: Bali-arrangements Twitter via Coconuts Bali

Latest said update: Whale passed away. Ceremony & funeral will take place place later today in Klungkung

Source: Bali-arrangements Twitter