We thank our Facebook friend, He Ruiming, who wrote a Mothership.sg listicle about us, and reported this Clouded Monitor (Varanus nebulosus) that was found dead at Bukit Batok Nature Park today.

This young Clouded Monitor, which truly had a worse Monday than most, measured 84.5 cm from head to tail. The carcass would be preserved in the museum for scientific research and education.

If you see a dead animal, do let us know by calling us at 6516 5082 or notify us at http://lkcnhm.net/dead-wildlife/

Source: Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum Facebook

Mid afternoon heartbreaking case of a mother Long-tailed Macaque (Macaca fascicularis) with 2 babies – witnessed it being knocked down by a speeding car just now. Her 2 babies got thrown off from her grip and she died on the spot. Both babies were on the road, still in shock. I made a dash across the road, stopped the traffic and returned one baby (just a few weeks old) to the troop, only to realise that another baby (a month old) is still alive. Returned it back to the troop as well. I am relieved that both babies have been rescued in time but I am broken to see the lifeless body of their mother as i disposed of her body.

Signages have to be placed here. Roadkills are heartbreaking. But to know that YOU have hit an animal, YOU slowed down after that and then YOU continue speeding off without even having the decency to put the dead animal at the side of the road – that is inhumane.

Source: Sabrina Jabbar Facebook

It’s likely that one of the baby macaques was actually born to another female in the troop, and just happened to be tagging along this particular female when the accident happened.