Study of a Large-tailed Nightjar carcass
By Thong Chow Ngian, 28th August 2015;

“On 23rd Aug 15, a young friend named Caleb, stopped me and pointed towards the base of a palm tree as we were walking along Jalan Loyang Besar, towards Pasir Ris Carpark A. The pointed wing of a Large-tailed Nightjar (Caprimulgus macrurus) with a prominent white patch caught his attention. After calling the hotline of a local nature group that collects bird carcasses, I was advised to bury the bird as all their staff were very busy that Sunday afternoon and could not collect the bird specimen. This organisation did ask for the location of the dead bird for their records.

"I decided to bring it home, photographed it; bury it and then do some research of this species. I was once fascinated by the complex and varied camouflage design of this bird, especially the scapular feathers, that I painted it with acrylic paint on canvas in 2009 to study its pattern.

"Here are some interesting facts I discovered in my brief research.

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Source: Bird Ecology Study Group