Pink-necked Green Pigeons (Treron vernans)
Li Ka Shing Library, Singapore Management University, 15th December 2015

This pair of dead Pink-necked Green Pigeons, a male and a female, was found by Eugene Tay. They were possibly killed after flying into a nearby building.

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A great big thank you to Myron Tay for informing us about this female Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot (Loriculus galgulus) carcass found in the middle of town today.

Blue-crowned Hanging Parrots are a native parrot species that was formerly thought to be rare in Singapore, but recent surveys have shown that this tiny little parrot is in fact found all over the island, and is usually detected by the high-pitched screech it makes in flight.

How do we know this bird is female? A close examination of the crown reveals a small patch of blue feathers that, together with the absence of a red throat, indicate that this bird is a female Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot. The males of this species possess a much more prominent blue crown patch.

#BlueandBlack or #WhiteandGold ? Another really interesting thing about the Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot is the blue-green color of the feathers on the underside of its wings which is in fact formed by tiny crystals inside the feather structure. These crystal structures are also found in the other green body feathers, except that the presence of yellow pigments in the body feathers further attenuate the reflected light such that it appears a vivid green to our eyes.

Source: David Tan Instagram [1], [2], [3]

Collected a Blue-Crowned Hanging Parrot from Myron Tay, and learning about it from David. They are usually noticed by their screech as they fly by and it is quite a small bird. Males have a large blue patch of feathers on their head & a red throat, while females have a smaller patch & no red throat.

Source: Chace Foo Facebook