Sumatran Palm Civet


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Sumatran Palm Civet (Paradoxurus musangus)
Clementi Road, 3rd January 2015

This Sumatran Palm Civet was likely killed after getting hit by a motor vehicle. Photos were shared by N. Sivasothi.

The Common Palm Civet was recently split into several species, based on both morphological and molecular studies. The name Paradoxurus hermaphroditus is now restricted to the populations found in India, Indochina, and southern China (henceforth known as the Indian Palm Civet). Common Palm Civets in Singapore are now classified as Sumatran Palm Civet (Paradoxurus musangus), along with those in Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, and Java.

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This morning I picked up the body of a juvenile Jambu Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus jambu) from the United World College Southeast Asia Dover campus. As far as pigeons go this is one of the most beautiful in Singapore, and one of the more elusive migrants to find. Although the primary cause of death is likely to be the highly reflective glass on the second floor of the biology building, additional secondary injuries on the neck and breast suggest that it may have been attacked by a predator such as a goshawk (Accipiter sp.) as well.

Source: David Tan Instagram