Giant Top Shell (Tectus niloticus)
Cyrene Reef, 26th December 2015

Although traditionally classified as a Top Shell (F. Trochidae), recent studies have shown that this species is actually more closely related to the Turban Snails (F. Turbinidae), and is now usually included in a separate family, Tegulidae.

Spiral Melongena (Volegalea cochlidium)
Cyrene Reef, 16th August 2015

This species was classified under the genus Pugilina up until very recently, which is why most references still list the Spiral Melongena as Pugilina cochlidium.

Burrowing Giant Clam (Tridacna crocea)
Cyrene Reef, 16th August 2015


Sandlance (Bleekeria sp.)
Cyrene Reef, 11th July 2010

There are two species of sandlance found in the region, differentiated by the presence or absence of the pelvic fin.

Taiwan Sandlance (Bleekeria mitsukurii)

Eel Sandlance (Bleekeria viridianguilla)

Waigeu Sea Perch

Waigeu Sea Perch (Psammoperca waigiensis)
Cyrene Reef, 26th June 2010

A long driftnet had been laid across a section of Cyrene Reef, trapping many fishes. While many were still alive and were promptly untangled and released, this was one of the fish I found that did not survive entanglement.

A Guide to Common Marine Fishes of Singapore
Fishes of Bitung

Indonesian Sea Nettle (Chrysaora chinensis) (?)
Cyrene, 23rd May 2008