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Thailand: Last Dugong in Gulf of Thailand found dead
1st December 2016;

A male Dugong (Dugong dugon), believed to be the only remaning Dugong in the Gulf of Thailand, was found dead in the sea of Rayong province last week, according to today’s report.

The dead Dugong was found on Nov. 25, only two days after a dead Bryde’s Whale (Balaenoptera edeni) was found near the Lamchabang Pier in Chonburi.

The male Dugong was bruised and bloody along his body, indicating a collision before death, according to Marine and Coastal Resources Research and Development Center of the Eastern Gulf of Thailand.

The research center revealed that there were previously a couple of Dugongs living along the coast of Rayong to Chanthaburi. Last year, there was a rumor that one of them was dead and sold on the black market. Therefore, this means the dead Dugong found last week could have been the last one on the eastern coast.

Polluted oceans endanger their lives but Dugongs are also hunted for their bones, which are used to make amulets, just like Elephant ivory and Rhino horn.

Seub Nakasathain Foundation’s website reported that the Dugong was given code DU-391, which means that during the past 30 years, Thailand has lost 391 Dugongs.

There is some hope though, according to aquatic veterinarian Poommate Chomchat of the research center. Dugongs leave a unique trail by chewing through seagrass, their main source of food. Experts hope they will find out there are still Dugongs in the Thai sea by seeing patterns in the seagrass, Khaosod reported.

“We want to believe so,” he said.

Poommate hopes that there are living Dugongs in the central and southern parts of the Gulf of Thailand. He believes conserving the natural seagrass will make the Dugongs return.

Source: Coconuts Bangkok

A mother and calf “duyong” (Dugong) (Dugong dugon) found dead yesterday Sept. 01, 2016 in Barangay Glan Padidu, Glan, Sarangani Province. Mr. Ismail Dante a bantay-dagat found the mother near the “balsa” around 1:00AM while patrolling the area for marine turtles and found the calf later a few meters away from the mother. No external abrasion was found in the body of both animal. Necropsy was done by Rino Langomez Asperaga Municipal Veterinary of Glan, stomach and intestines was infested by parasitic worms while lungs was filled with water.

Source: Gary John Cabinta on Sarangani Wildlife Protection and Rescue Team Network Facebook, via Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines Facebook

Dugong (Dugong dugon) entangled in a gill net found dead in Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental this morning.

Source: Winston Plaza Facebook, via Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines Facebook

Photos: Berita Harian

Malaysia: Second Dugong found dead in Johor
9th May 2016;

The carcass of a young Dugong (Dugong dugon) was found floating in the sea near Kampung Pendas Laut after getting caught in a fishing net.

Fishermen spotted two Dugong, believed to be a mother and its kid, on Thursday.

A few hours later, the carcass of a young Dugong emerged and was spotted floating in the sea.

A fisherman from the village, Azman Adan, said the Dugong was found floating near a mega development project.

“The Dugong, weighing about 60kg, was already dead, so the fishermen brought the carcass back to shore.

"We immediately alerted the Fisheries Department and handed the carcass to them,” he said.

State Fisheries Department director Zamani Omar said that a team of officers went to the location after being informed of the sighting.

“The Dugong suffered injuries after it got caught between some fishing nets.

"We will conduct a post-mortem first,” he added.

This is the second dead Dugong sighting this year after the first carcass was found washed ashore at Pantai Tanjung Logok, near Kota Tinggi in February.

Source: The Star

Photos: Berita Harian

By Kathleen Ann Kili, 5th May 2016;

A Dugong (Dugong dugon) carcass was found floating in the sea near Kampung Pendas Laut, Johor.

Several fishermen spotted the carcass near a mega development project while they were out at sea at about 9am on Thursday.

Johor Fisheries Department director Zamani Omar said a team of officers is at the scene to investigate.

“I have yet to receive a report from my officers,” he said.

“I have also instructed them to determine the cause of death,” he said, adding that the department will investigate whether the Dugong died from disease or was hit by a vessel.

Source: The Star

A dead adult critically endangered Dugong (Dugong dugon) was found entangled with the line of a fish trap (bubo) in Brgy. Juvellar, Tarragona, Davao Oriental this morning. The Dugong will be buried today.

Source: Nathaniel Case Quinones Facebook, via Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines Facebook