Children look at the dead Dolphin found Tuesday morning off the shores of Dimasalang town in Masbate province.
Photo: PNP Dimasalang Masbate Facebook

Philippines: Dead Dolphin found floating off Masbate
By Suzene Cajegas, 3rd May 2017;

A lifeless Dolphin, locally called “lumba-lumba”, was found floating on sea near the shores of Dimasalang town in Masbate province early Tuesday, a police report said Wednesday.

The Dimasalang police received a call around 5:30 a.m. from an employee of the town’s local government unit regarding the two-meter long dead Dolphin that was found in Barangay (village) Canomay by Junal Alvarez, a resident in the village.

Municipal agriculturist Irish Cabrera and police recovered the dead Dolphin to collect information on its age, sex and variety of the species. The town officers have already coordinated with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Masbate to submit information on the recovery of the Dolphin.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

This Dolphin has apparently been identified as a Pygmy Killer Whale (Feresa attenuata).

At about 5:47 in the morning of May 2, 2017 this office received a report thru phone call from Mr Rimus Bien-LGU employee that about 5:45 in the morning on the same date Mr Junal Alvarez resident of Brgy Canomay, this municipality found one dead body of Dolphin, locally known as Lumba-lumba floating going to the shoreline of Brgy. Canomay. Personnel of this station led by PO3 Misael T Cabrera HRDD PNCO, under the supervision of PSINSP ALVARO DC VENTABAL, OIC together with Mrs Irish B Cabrera-Municipal Agriculturist Officer of said place aided the recovery and burying of the found dead Dolphin. Said dDolphin was 2.24 meters long and 1.29 circumference. The recovery of found dead Dolphin was already coordinated with BFAR. Other information as the age, sex and variety of said Dolphin will be relayed as soon as obtained.

Source: Philippine National Police Dimasalang Masbate Facebook

This Dolphin has apparently been identified as a Pygmy Killer Whale (Feresa attenuata).

Photos: Detik [1], [2]

A Pygmy Killer Whale (Feresa attenuata) stranded at Cilacap Beach (Central Java) on Thursday, 11 August 2016 evening local time. The Forestry Dept (BKSDA) had asked a local vet from the local Agricultural and Cattle Office to administer some vitamins and antibiotic for the Dolphin. They plan to release the Dolphin to deeper water with boat once it has been stabilised. News from Benvika JAAN, species ID from Danielle Kreb, photo from No further news yet about this case at the moment.

Source: Whale Strandings Indonesia Facebook

A Pygmy Killer Whale (Feresa attenuata) stranded in Barangay Adecor, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao shown here being rescued last 29 December. The animal did not make it.

Source: Carlos Espinosa Facebook, via Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines Facebook

The baby whale that washed up dead on Kampung Sungai Labu shoreline Thursday morning.

Malaysia: Baby whale washes ashore near Kampung Sungaei Labu, Labuan
25th December 2015;

A dead look-alike baby Humpback Whale was washed ashore near the Kampung Sungai Labu shoreline Thursday morning.

Officials estimated the almost 20-foot whale to be over a year-old and had been dead when it was found lying on the beach.

Labuan Fisheries Department director Anuar Salam Sulaiman told Bernama the cause of the death was not clear and a report had been submitted to the fisheries headquarter in Putrajaya for a thorough investigation.

There were no signs of trauma, such as propeller marks. But the team from our headquarters will carry out investigations to find the cause of death.

Whether it was caught or trapped in a fishing net or hit by trawler, he said.

Anuar said during investigations, samples would be collected to determine its origin.

“It is tough to see. It is so young to die naturally. It is very surprising and very sad, he added.

Villagers found the whale at about 10am, which attracted many villagers to the beach and some even posed for pictures with the whale.

Anuar said the whale’s remains would be buried inland Friday at the Kampung Sungai Labu beach, away from the shoreline, so that it would not decompose quickly and give off unhealthy elements.

For the time being, while waiting for the autopsy and investigation teams to arrive, we must bury the whale. The remains will be exhumed for an autopsy later, he said.

Source: The Star

I’m not sure what the article means by "look-alike baby Humpback Whale” – after all, it looks nothing like a baleen whale. This is most likely one of the dolphins often known as ‘blackfish’; possibly a False Killer Whale (Pseudorca crassidens), Pygmy Killer Whale (Feresa attenuata), Melon-headed Whale (Peponocephala electra) or young Short-finned Pilot Whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus). It’s difficult to conclusively determine the identity of the carcass without more photos from other angles.