Malayan Pygmy Halfbeak (Dermogenys collettei)
Kranji Marshes, 29th June 2017

Many older resources consider various Halfbeak populations across Southeast Asia to be a single species, the Wrestling Halfbeak (Dermogenys pusilla). However, this species is now thought to be endemic to Java, while the populations found in Singapore belong to a separate species, the Malayan Pygmy Halfbeak.

Stripe-nosed Halfbeak (Zenarchopterus buffonis)
Sungei Buloh, 22nd July 2014

This Stripe-nosed Halfbeak was one of many casualties of a mass mortality event that killed off large numbers of several species of fishes in one of the tidal ponds at Sungei Buloh. The hot weather, combined with the neap tide, likely led to a drop in the dissolved oxygen content that most fishes could not tolerate.

Fortunately, this was an isolated incident that did not affect fishes in the other parts of the reserve, and this particular pond has since been repopulated.

A couple of fish species commonly found in Singapore’s mangroves, river estuaries, and other brackish water and nearshore marine habitats: Banded Archerfish (Toxotes jaculatrix) (L) & Stripe-nosed Halfbeak (Zenarchopterus buffonis) ® @ VivoCity

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