Daily Decay (10th May 2018)

Daily Decay (10th May 2018): Pearl Conch (‘Gong-gong’) (Laevistrombus turturella) @ Coney Island (Pulau Serangoon)

Daily Decay (8th April 2018)

Daily Decay (8th April 2018): Belongkeng (Ellobium aurismidae) @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Daily Decay (8th March 2018)

Daily Decay (8th March 2018): Noble Volute (Cymbiola nobilis) @ Pulau Ubin

This shell of a Noble Volute was found on the ground some distance away from the sea. It was likely left there by a person.

Frog Snail


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Frog Snail (Bufonaria sp.)
Chek Jawa, 28th December 2016

There are 2 species of Frog Snail recorded in Singapore waters:

Common Frog Snail (Bufonaria rana)

Near-elegant Frog Snail (Bufonaria perelegans)

Daily Decay (6th January 2018)

Daily Decay (6th January 2018): Pearl Conch (‘gong-gong‘) (Laevistrombus turturella) with Acorn Barnacles (Balanomorpha) @ Coney Island (Pulau Serangoon)

Spiral Melongena (Volegalea cochlidium)
Coney Island (Pulau Serangoon), 1st May 2017

This species was classified under the genus Pugilina up until very recently, which is why most references still list the Spiral Melongena as Pugilina cochlidium.

Noble Volute (Cymbiola nobilis)
Pulau Sekudu, 6th July 2016