Bat End
By Solomon Anthony, 30th December 2014;

As I was walking, I was looking up at the trees to see if I could get lucky and see an owl or something. I then saw a sad sight that actually kinda ruined the evening for me actually.

I noticed something floating up high in the tree. Upon closer inspection I noticed it was an abandoned triple hook fishing lure connected to a fishing line that had got stuck in a tree. At the sharp end of the abandoned hook was its victim. I took a photo to confirm.

The clear outline of a Bat.

I can only guess that it had got stuck when it accidentally flew into it. Its wings were caught in the barbed hooks.

The bat must have struggled for a very very long time before dying a very slow death. It was sad to see that our carelessness or just plain disregard has is consequences. There were a few other abandoned hooks around.

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Source: Go Wildlife Now!

No better place to usher in the Chinese New Year than in the lab surrounded by close friends and loved ones.

On an unrelated note, my response this year to the question “You got girlfriend already or not?” Is “I have many, but they’re all in the freezer”.

Source: David Tan Instagram

This is an Ashy Tailorbird (Orthotomus ruficeps) carcass, apparently collected from the Jurong Lake area.