Malaysia: Visitor released fish into lake


Photos: Rahayusnida Roosley Facebook

21st February 2018;

The mystery behind scores of dead fish found floating in Tasik Permaisuri Park, Cheras, may have been solved.

A visitor was reportedly seen releasing a batch of Catfish into the lake on Saturday morning, a day before a large number of fish were found floating in the lake, giving out a foul smell.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall corporate planning director Fadzilah Abd Rashid said the fish likely died as they could not adapt to the new environment.

“The maintenance and administration team did not receive any request from the public to release fish into the lake.”

Fadzilah said similar incidents happened last year, where fish reared as pets were released into lakes around the city.

Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry’s deputy secretary-general (policy), Datuk Sallehhuddin Hassan, said the Fisheries Department had collected fish samples for tests.

“We sent our officers to take samples of the lake water and fish,” he said, adding that the ministry would work with the Department of Environment on the matter.

The Fisheries Department, in a statement, said images posted on social media showed that the dead fish belonged to the Catfish species.

“A team was despatched to check the site after a report was lodged by the public.”

He said the turbidity and oxygen levels in the lake were normal.

It was learned that the department had not approved any fish-breeding programmes in the park.

Source: New Straits Times

The photos show what are likely to be Walking Catfish (F. Clariidae). Several species are raised for food in Malaysia, such as the native Common Walking Catfish (Clarias aff. batrachus), the possibly non-native Broadhead Catfish (Clarias macrocephalus), and the introduced Clarias gariepinus, as well as hybrids between the three species.

Malaysia: Dead fish in Cheras lake

Photos: Rahayusnida Roosley Facebook

20th February 2018;

The sight and smell of dead fish floating at the lake at Taman Tasik Permaisuri in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, shocked many people over the weekend.

Joggers and visitors who frequented the park claimed a foul smell was permeating the area on Sunday morning.

This led them to the dead fish at the lake.

Rahayusnida Roosley, 52, said she saw many dead fish at the end of the lake close to the Bandar Tun Razak Stadium.

She was there with family members jogging when they made the discovery.

“I was there from 7.30am to 9am.

“It’s a landscaped park with ample parking paths and a lovely lake with water features. It’s frequented by a lot of people who jog, walk, do tai-chi and aerobics.

“It’s a shame if the park is not maintained. I hope Kuala Lumpur City Hall will fix it soon,” said Rahayusnida, who posted pictures of the dead fish on her Facebook account.

Checks by Actionline the same day saw some fish floating, but not as many as indicated in the photos taken by Rohayunisda.

A visitor, Shakir, 19, when met at the park, said he saw the dead fish the night before, but did not report it to the authorities because it was late in the evening.

“I was at the park with friends when I noticed something floating on the lake.

“I do not know about my friends, but I saw the fish floating, so I assumed they were dead.

“I figured the park maintenance workers would take care of it.”

Another visitor, who wanted to be known only as Din, claimed that the lake would normally be replenished with fish before fishing competitions.

City Hall health and environment director Datin D. Noor Akma Shabudin confirmed reports were lodged by the public on the dead fish.

She said City Hall would get to the bottom of the problem and would seek help from other departments.

“We have notified the Fisheries Department to take samples from the lake to determine the cause.

“The Landscape Department has been informed as the park is under its purview.”

“I do not know about dead fish, but usually, when festive seasons come, there will be fishing competitions.

“It could probably be fish that were released for the competitions, but they then died.”

A maintenance supervisor, who declined to be named, said visitors complained to them about the dead fish the same day and some claimed the fish might have been poisoned.

“I received a complaint from the visitors around 8am and went to see the lake before calling the cleaning team.

“I saw Catfish with breadcrumbs near them. This is the first time Taman Tasik Permaisuri has faced such a bizarre situation. We removed the fish because the smell was unbearable.”

Source: New Straits Times

The photos show what are likely to be Walking Catfish (F. Clariidae). Several species are raised for food in Malaysia, such as the native Common Walking Catfish (Clarias aff. batrachus), the possibly non-native Broadhead Catfish (Clarias macrocephalus), and the introduced Clarias gariepinus, as well as hybrids between the three species.

Yayan Abranto, 24, a resident at the Intan Baiduri People’s Housing Project, walks past the dead fish.

Malaysia: Residents cry foul over rotting fish in lake
By Jonathan Edward and Danial Dzulkifly, 26th January 2017;

Residents at the Intan Baiduri People’s Housing Project (PPR) have been putting up with stench from thousands of rotting fish since Tuesday evening.

Tilapia (Oreochromis) used to thrive in the lake that is part of the housing scheme.

Khairul Anuwar, 50, said: “Some residents think the lake may be polluted. It could be some kind of disease, and authorities must investigate immediately.”

Khairul said he had lodged complaints with City Hall, the Drainage and Irrigation Department, and Department of Environment.

“It’s going to be two days. I hope the authorities will take action quickly as the stench is becoming worse,” he said.

Another resident, Siti Aman, 38, said the incident was worrying.

“I hope people have not dumped poison or something harmful into the lake as children from the apartments swim there,” she said.

“Also, there are many people from all over Kuala Lumpur who come here to fish.”

Mohd Kadir Bakri, 41, said it was upsetting that the authorities had not taken action.

“No one wants to go near the lake. We have been telling the children not to touch the fish as we do not know what is causing them to die,” he said.

Mohd Kadir said the authorities needed to advise the people on whether any fish caught from the lake would be safe to consume.

“They need to find out what happened,” he said.

A Kuala Lumpur City Hall Public Engineering and City Transportation Department spokesman said the constant flow of pollutants in the pond might have increased the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and killed the fish.

“The incident is also known as ‘fish kill’ and it is caused when there is a lack of dissolved oxygen in the water. We believe excess urban runoff like pet wastes from the streets, leaves, dead grass, filth and even dirt were washed into the lake by the rain,” he said.

The spokesman said City Hall would begin a clean-up of the lake within two weeks.

“Because of the rain it would not be prudent for us to clean it right away as refuse will continue to flow into the lake. However, once the weather improves, we will try to dredge the lake of waste and other contaminants.

"I hope the residents remain patient and give us time to do the job.”

Source: Malay Mail

Malaysia: Angel of Death sweeps over fish in River of Life mystery

By Raymund Wong, 20th January 2016;

Kuala Lumpur resident Jeffrey Lim stumbled upon the unpleasant sight of dead fish in Sungai Klang while on his weekly cycling trip across the city Kuala Lumpur last Friday.

“I was cycling around Brickfields along the River of Life (ROL) project when I found that there were so many dead fish in the river, it was shocking,” he said.

Lim said he investigated further, following the river upstream to find the source, which led him to Kampung Puah along the banks of Sungai Gombak.

“It goes up further from there but speaking to the people living in the village, it was not an unusual occurrence,” he said.

Lim said that the villagers relied on the river for food, often fishing from it.

“They say that they won’t use the dead fish, but they wait till the carcasses have all washed downstream before they fish again. It doesn’t seem safe to eat but I suppose they have no choice,” he said.

In a statement, Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming said the discovery was worrying because people eat and sell fish caught from both rivers.

“It is a common sight to see fishermen using a rod or even fishing nets to catch fish along Sungai Gombak and Sungai Klang,” he said, adding that the issue showed the ROL project had a long way to go before it could be classified safe for recreational use.

Ong said the Department of Environment should investigate the source of the dead fish and to determine if there was serious pollution upstream that may be poisoning the fish.

“If there is no effort to monitor the level of pollution in the rivers, the estimated RM3.4 billion spent to clean up the river will be wasted,” he said.

On November 11 last year, Ong together with Lim and others kayaked along the ROL project from Jalan Kampung Bandar Dalam to PWTC.

During the kayak, Ong discovered a City Hall contractor collecting rubbish, who said that the amount of waste they were collecting was staggering.

The Malaysian Insider is still attempting to contact the department and ROL officials for comment.

Source: The Malaysian Insider

Malaysia: Angel of Death sweeps over fish in River of Life mystery

The Klang River on Friday revealed a trail of dead fish flowing from Masjid Jamek all the way to Brickfields.

Malaysia: ‘Trash’ in Klang River revealed to be trail of dead fish
By D. Kanyakumari, 16th January 2016;

A close inspection of unusual amounts of “garbage” in the Klang River on Friday revealed a trail of dead fish flowing from Masjid Jamek all the way to Brickfields.

Graphic designer Jeffrey Lim, 37, told The Star Online on Friday that he noticed the situation at about 11am on Friday when he was cycling along the bicycle lane in Brickfields, which runs alongside the Klang River.

“I noticed an odd amount of trash, more than usual, in the river. When I looked closer, I realised it was dead fish.”

“It stretched as far upriver and downriver as I could see. Later, I met a fellow cyclist who had just got off the monorail at Tun Sambanthan station and he mentioned that he too had seen it from the train,” he said, adding that his friend said the trail of dead fish stretched as far as Pasar Seni.

Lim said he and his friend then cycled further to investigate the situation, which is when they climbed down the embankment and took the pictures of the dead fish.

“After that I headed off for an appointment, and when I returned an hour later, there were still dead fish flowing from upriver, so I decided to trace the source of the dead fish.”

“I arrived at Masjid Jamek just before the rain started and found that it was coming from the Sungai Gombak side, which means it could be from the northwest, or north Sungai Batu, Sungai Keroh or even north Sungai Gombak,” he said.

Lim said he then came across some people from NGO River of Life who told him that they had seen the flow of dead fish since early Friday.

Source: The Star

Photos: Jeffrey JC Lim Facebook

Malaysia: Hundreds of dead fish found floating in the Klang River
By Amar Shah Mohsen, 15th January 2016;

Hundreds of dead fish have been spotted flowing along the Klang River, near the city centre today.

The issue was highlighted on social media by Facebook user Jeffrey J C Lim in a series of postings with photos of the dead fish.

“Urgent! Sighted along Klang River, lower part, closer to KL Sentral. Please tag relevant authorities. Off the cycling lane, it’s been flowing non-stop with dead fish,” read one of his posts with photos of the dead fish.

In another posting, he said: “Further down river, south west corridor of Mid Valley, the white bits, those are dead fish.”

More than an hour after his first sighting of the incident, Jeffrey said the river was still flowing with the dead fish.

“And now, even more are appearing. It’s coming from the Gombak River side,” he added.

Meanwhile when contacted by theSun, the Fisheries Department said they would investigate the matter immediately.

Source: The Sun Daily