Indonesia: Proboscis Monkey killers arrested: We ate the Monkey
By ProFauna, 15th June 2016;

Remember the photo featuring six young men from West Kalimantan holding a Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus)? They have been have been put in custody, and we know now that they are working for a timber company in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

These information was obtained after the Head of West Kalimantan Nature Conservation Agency (BKSDA), Sustyo Iriono, conducted an investigation following the viral photo. After checking on to the suspects’ homes in Sambas, West Kalimantan, turned out that they are currently working for a timber company in East Kalimantan.

According to Sustyo, on Tuesday (13/6/2016), BKSDA in East Kalimantan has made an arrest of the six men based on the information collected by Sustyo’s team.

“On around 11 a.m. (local time), suspects of the Proboscis Monkey killing have been arrested. They admitted the misconduct, and also said that they have eaten the Monkey after posting the photo on Facebook,” said Sustyo.

The suspects were arrested by the joint team of BKSDA and The Ministy of Environment and Forestry’s Law Enforcement Division of Kalimantan in the timber company in Senoni, Lebak Silong village, Sebuluh district, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan.

“They were brought in for questioning and further investigation by the SPORC, and we are coordinating with the police department and district court about this case. The evidence we have now are only their cellphones and weapons,” added Sustyo.

The six men are Adam (in the photo, the one wearing black hat and also the one who uploaded the photo), Apri (shirtless, red pants), Ato (white t-shirt, blue pants), Inal (green t-shirt), Intat (shirtless, black pants), and Bayong (white-stripped jacket), all come from the same neighborhood in West Kalimantan.

Source: ProFauna

Indonesia: Six Proboscis Monkey killers identified
By ProFauna, 15th June 2016;

The whereabouts of six alleged killers of a Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus) who uploaded their photo on a Facebook profile named Adam Usu Fairus on June 2016 have finally been identified. The gruesome photo went viral on the internet after PROFAUNA also spread the words and ask for anyone to come forward if they have any info about those person.

According to the Head of West Kalimantan Nature Conservation Agency, Sustyo Iriyono, all suspects are originally from Semantir, Mekar Sekuntum village, Galing district, Sambas, West Kalimantan. However, they are currently working for a timber company in East Kalimantan.

The killing took place near their workplace, and currently the agency is investigating the case involving a protected wildlife species.

“Our team is also on it,” said the Head of East Kalimantan Nature Conservation Agency, Sunandar Trigunajasa, to PROFAUNA.

Meanwhile, Bayu Sandi, the coordinator of PROFAUNA Borneo added, “Acts of killing or abuse of wildlife uploaded on social media must be taken seriously and given fair penalty to pose a deterrent effect to the offenders. This also would prevent other people from doing the same thing.”

Source: ProFauna

Indonesia: PROFAUNA Reports Javan Langur Killing in Lumajang
4th January 2016;

The dawn of 2016 does not seem to be promising for wildlife conservation. Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia received public reports regarding a case of Javan Langurs (Javan Lutung) (Trachypithecus auratus) killing in Pronojiwo, Lumajang, East Java. Horrible photos were posted on Facebook by an account named Addi Gokhil.

Javan Lutung is a protected species, yet it is still widely hunted for its meat. On the photos posted, there were several dead Langurs hung and carried on a piece of wood.

“We strongly condemn such acts because the Javan Langur is getting rare, it could become extinct very soon. We expect that the authorities would investigate this case, as it has demeaned wildlife conservation efforts in the country,” said Swasti Prawidya Mukti, PROFAUNA’s campaign officer.

The case of Javan Langur killing has been reported by PROFAUNA to the East Java Nature Conservation Agency. Both parties are having intensive coordination to crack the case.

Source: ProFauna

Eight men pose with four dead Javan monkeys they allegedly shot in a photo uploaded on Facebook by Ozzy Syahputra Muhammad Akbar, who was reported to the police on Thursday for allegedly killing protected animals. (Photo from ProFauna Indonesia)

Indonesia: Bogor Man Reported to Police Over Photos of Dead Protected Wildlife
By Yuli Krisna and Dyah Ayu Pitaloka, 13th March 2014;

Conservationist group ProFauna Indonesia on Thursday reported an alleged hunter of protected wildlife to the police after he uploaded several photos on Facebook showing him and a group of people posing with several dead animals.

The report was made against Ozzy Syahputra Muhammad Akbar, who last year posted several photos onto social media displaying slain Javan Leaf Monkeys (Trachypithecus auratus) and Leopard Cats (Prionailurus bengalensis).

The Facebook account in question was either deleted or deactivated on Wednesday after a deluge of condemnation came its way, ProFauna chairman Rosek Nursahid said on Thursday.

“The photos had been posted for a while [since January 2013], but [they] drew even more attention this year,” Rosek said at ProFauna’s headquarters in the East Java city of Malang. “There were a lot of photos of [Ozzy] posing with animals he had hunted.”

ProFauna, however, saved copies of the photos before the account was removed. The group submitted them as evidence to the West Java Police along with their report against Ozzy, who is a resident of Bogor, West Java.

One of the photos saved by ProFauna showed a dead Javan Leaf Monkey (or lutung), a “vulnerable” species according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). There was blood on the monkey’s forehead, and its hand was made to hold a bottle of mineral water.

There were two comments posted under the photo: one said “heavily drunk,” while the other said, “How could it get drunk with mineral water? hahahaaaa.”

Another photo displayed eight men — five of them holding airsoft rifles — posing with four dead monkeys in front of them.

Rosek added that Ozzy was a member of an airsoft gun community. The group’s Facebook account was also recently shut down.

ProFauna accused Ozzy of violating the 1990 Conservation Law by killing protected animals.

“ProFauna Indonesia hopes that the West Java Police will take action against hunters who kill protected wildlife,” Radius Nursidi, the coordinator of the West Java chapter of ProFauna, said after filing the report to police in Bandung.

Rosek added that ProFauna would monitor the police’s handling of the case closely.

The West Java Police have yet to comment on the case.

Attempts to reach Ozzy by the Jakarta Globe were unsuccessful.

Source: Jakarta Globe