It’s not every day you receive a dead bird notification that makes you swear loudly at your phone.

This strikingly-coloured bird is either a juvenile male Zappey’s Flycatcher (Cyanoptila cumatilis) or a juvenile male Blue-and-white Flycatcher (Cyanoptila cyanomelana), but either way it’s a rare passage migrant to Singapore. Unfortunately, this individual died after crashing into a glass wall at the Singapore General Hospital area, but we’ll be preserving the body for further research.

Big thanks to Zhaohan Goh for alerting me to this.

Source: David Tan Instagram

Alamak… Comma just killed a Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis). Poor bird…

And Comma brought his trophy to show off…

Poor birdie… Freezing in progress…

Source: Rene Ong Facebook [1], [2], [3]

We just found a dead migratory bird, the Siberian Blue Robin (Luscinia cyane).

Thank you David Tan from Department of Biological Sciences, NUS for the identification. The specimen will be deposited at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.

Source: St. John’s Island Marine Laboratory Facebook

It seems like we are experiencimg an incredible wave of migrating Yellow-rumped Flycatchers (Ficedula zanthopygia) over these past few days, and many of the young males, such as this individual here, unfortunately crash into glass and meet their end. This poor thing here brings the tally up to 4 casualties recorded over the past 3 days.

Source: David Tan Instagram

With the onset of October comes the first casualty of the migratory season: a young Yellow-rumped Flycatcher (Ficedula zanthopygia) that flew into a third floor window earlier this afternoon at Joo Chiat.

With the migratory season slowly approaching its peak, I would like to appeal to everyone to look out for downed birds over the next few months, especially around the perimeter of your workplace, and call or text me immediately at 91768971 should you come across a dead bird or a bird in distress. Your efforts will greatly help our research into the lives of birds. Thank you.

Source: David Tan Instagram

In this week’s episode of “Where the hell am I?”, I found myself at Jervois Hill, a place littered with some terrifyingly enormous houses and strange road names (e.g. Mount Echo Park and Bishopsgate).

This was also the place where this Ficedula flycatcher (I’m guessing it’s a female Yellow-rumped Flycatcher) met with its untimely end while on migration.

EDIT: This is a first winter male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher (Ficedula zanthopygia). Poor thing.

Source: David Tan Instagram