Noble Volute (Cymbiola nobilis)
Pulau Sekudu, 6th July 2016

Cannonball Sponge Crab (Dromidiopsis indica)
Pulau Sekudu, 5th July 2015

This Cannonball Sponge Crab was found in a fish cage trap (often locally known as a ‘bubu’). These traps are quite indiscriminate, catching all sorts of fishes and crustaceans, and are often laid in shallow waters, killing the animals trapped within as they are left stranded by the receding tide. The fact that this crab was missing all its limbs suggests that the trap had been left unchecked for some time, long enough for it to wander in, die, and have all the limbs drop off as it decomposed.

Photograph by Ria Tan

Lagoon Shrimp-goby (Cryptocentrus cyanotaenia) at eastern Johor Straits

Location, date and time: Singapore, eastern Johor Strait at Pulau Sekudu, off the south-eastern corner of Pulau Ubin; 9 May 2004; 0723 hrs.

Observation: An individual of about 12 cm total length was found dead on its side on the sand substrate, in ankle-deep water during morning low tide (see accompanying picture). It was in very fresh condition, and seemed to have expired no more than an hour before. The cause of its death is unknown.

Remarks: The Lagoon Shrimp-goby is easily distinguished from other Cryptocentrus species in Singapore with narrow oblique blue lines on its head and at least 10 narrow blue bands on its body (Larson & Lim, 2005: 84). In Singapore waters, this species is also known from Punggol in the Johor Straits, and Pulau Retan Laut (since reclaimed) and Pulau Hantu in the Singapore Straits (Larson et al., 2008: 147).


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Source: Singapore Biodiversity Records 2014: 334

White Sea Urchin

White Sea Urchin (Salmacis sphaeroides)
Pulau Sekudu, 9th May 2012

This shell (technically known as a test) of a White Sea Urchin was found by Sam Yeo, who shared this photo on Facebook.

Today marks the first day of the Northern Expedition of the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey. For the next three weeks, researchers and volunteers will be involved in collecting samples and surveying various marine habitats, in an attempt to catalogue the marine life that lives in the waters along the northern coasts of Singapore.

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