Talang Queenfish (Scomberoides commersonnianus)
Pasir Ris, 22nd February 2015

This Talang Queenfish was one of the many casualties of yet another fish mass mortality event that was triggered by a harmful algal bloom.

Fishes dying at Pasir Ris?
By Ria Tan, 22nd February 2015;

I heard the water was not quite right at Pasir Ris. So I had a quick look there yesterday.

I saw white powdery insoluble stuff deposited at most recent mid-tide line. Dead fishes of various kinds large and small every 20 steps or so. More below about why it is important for human health, to find out what is killing the fishes.

I saw dead fishes of various kinds large and small, wild and farmed, every 20 steps or so. Thanks to IDs provided by friends on my early Facebook post, here’s some tentative IDs.

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Source: Wild Shores of Singapore