A photo session a moment before cutting the Tiger into pieces. Parts of the Tiger body were distributed among the local community for cooking/meal.
Photo: Emvawari Candra Sirait/Mongabay

Indonesia: A Critically Endangered Sumatran Tiger snared, killed, and eaten, Indonesian NGO Group insists on full investigation
10th March 2016;

A group of Indonesian NGOs on Thursday (10th of March 2016) visited Sumatran Provincial Police in Medan to insist a full investigation of a case of Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) which was snared, killed, and eaten in North Tapanuli, North Sumatra province of Indonesia.

The NGO group comprises Scorpion Foundation, Sumatra Rainforest Institute (SRI), Indonesian Species Conservation Programme (ISCP), and Yayasan Orangutan Sumatra Lestari (YOSL)-OIC. Representatives from these NGO’s met with the Head of Special Crimes Unit at the North Sumatra Provincial Police, Superintendent Robin Simanjuntak.

“We from the environmental NGOs come here to insist full investigation of the Sumatran Tiger which was snared, killed, and eaten in North Tapanuli. Sumatran Tiger is a protected species in the Indonesian law and regulation, and listed as a critically endangered species by the World Conservation Union (IUCN),” Gunung Gea, Director of Scorpion Foundation, told Superintendent Robin Simanjuntak in the meeting. Gunung Gea was appointed by the NGO group members as the speaker of the group in the mission to the North Sumatra Provincial Police.

It is reported by the media that the Tiger was snared by illegal hunters in Silantom village, sub-district Pangaribuan, North Tapanuli Regency in Sumatra. The Tiger was then shot dead by a police officer (Kapolsek Pangaribuan) Mr. VS. The body of the Tiger was cut into pieces and distributed among the local community for cooking/meal.

Superintendent Robin Simanjuntak told the NGOs that he could not make any decision yet on that case before receiving a report from the head of District Police in North Tapanuli Regency. A decision will be taken by the provincial Special Crime Unit after receiving complete information from the head of district police in North Tapanuli.

Source: Scorpion Foundation