Thick-edged Sand Dollar (Jacksonaster depressum)
Coney Island (Pulau Serangoon), 27th November 2015

White Sea Urchin

White Sea Urchin (Salmacis sphaeroides)
Pulau Sekudu, 9th May 2012

This shell (technically known as a test) of a White Sea Urchin was found by Sam Yeo, who shared this photo on Facebook.

Today marks the first day of the Northern Expedition of the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey. For the next three weeks, researchers and volunteers will be involved in collecting samples and surveying various marine habitats, in an attempt to catalogue the marine life that lives in the waters along the northern coasts of Singapore.

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Thick-edged Sand Dollar (Jacksonaster depressum)
Seringat-Kias, 28th June 2009

White Sea Urchin (Salmacis sphaeroides)
Changi, 16th November 2008

Keyhole Sand Dollar (Echinodiscus truncatus)
Tanah Merah, 8th February 2009

Oval Heart Urchin (Echinolampas ovata) (?)
Pulau Semakau, 22nd April 2008

Cake Sand Dollar (Arachnoides placenta)
Cyrene Reef, 23rd May 2008