Sumatran (Common) Palm Civet (Paradoxurus musangus)
Jedburgh Gardens, 16th August 2015

Becky Lee was informed about a roadkilled Sumatran Palm Civet by her friends Brandon Tan and Chan Hsin Yee. She was able to retrieve the carcass on behalf of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, and subsequently shared these photos on Facebook.

The Common Palm Civet was recently split into several species, based on both morpholigcal and molecular studies. The name Paradoxurus hermaphroditus is now restricted to the populations found in India, Indochina, and southern China (henceforth known as the Indian Palm Civet). Common Palm Civets in Singapore are now classified as Sumatran Palm Civet (Paradoxurus musangus), along with those in Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, and Java.

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Poor Sumatran Palm Civet (Paradoxurus musangus) met with an unfortunate incident along Jedburgh Gardens in the Siglap area. Carcass is now with David in the freezer, and will be passed to LKCNHM. Carcasses are a sad sight, but their bodies can contribute to science. If you see dead wild animals, report them at

Thank goodness for friends who live in the area! Thanks Brandon for holding the fort, and Hsin Yee for location information.

Source: Becky Lee Facebook