Indonesia: Endangered Green Turtle found dead with wounds in Polewali Mandar
14th April 2017;

A Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) was found stranded and dead with wounds all over its body at Mampie Beach in Wonomulyo district, Polewali Mandar regency, West Sulawesi, on Thursday night.

The Green Turtle, which is listed as a protected species, was found by local residents and members of Komunitas Sahabat Penyu (Friends of Turtle Community). The dead reptile reportedly had wounds on its neck and head as well as a damaged shell.

The community’s chairman, Yusri, suspected that the turtle was beaten to death by fishermen as turtles, drawn to fishnets full of fish, are often seen during fishing activities, Yusri said.

“We will encourage all stakeholders, including local residents and the maritime police, to intensify joint patrol to protect Turtles,” Yusri said as quoted by

Yusri and student activists on Turtle protection further conducted an examination of the dead Turtle, including recording the Turtle’s measurements and analyzing its wounds. The dead reptile was buried so that its shell would not be illegally traded.

Friends of Turtle Community members and activists have recently intensified patrol efforts along the shores of Mampie Beach on the evenings to prevent anyone from stealing the endangered species’ eggs, as many Turtles typically lay eggs there in April.

Local residents and the Friends of Turtle Community commonly find large Turtles stranded and dead at Mampie Beach.

Source: Jakarta Post

A belated update re: the Rough-toothed Dolphin (Steno bredanensis) stranding in Suppa, South Sulawesi on 28-29 April 2015. The rescue team was led by Mr Moh Rizal from the Makassar BPSPL. The dolphin was rehabilitated for one night in a local fish pond with a makeshift stretcher. However, Mr Rizal et al. found the dolphin to be dead on the morning of 29 April. Necropsy was conducted on the same morning, but since no vet was available on site, cause of death was unidentifiable. Nevertheless, we would like to thank the local DKP, the local BPSPL (marine and fisheries officials) and the local villagers for their amazing efforts in trying to rescue the dolphin. Also deep gratitude to all friends at the Stranding Indonesia WhatsApp group (e.g., RASI, JAAN, WWF, APEX Environmental, CORAL, LIPI, etc) for the technical discussions that had helped the on-site first responders.

Source: Whale Strandings Indonesia Facebook