Cause for concern: A resident looking at the dead fish washed up at Sungai Tonggak, Balok.

Malaysia: Pahang rep wants thorough probe into death of fish
6th January 2016;

The authorities must investigate what caused dozens of dead fish to be washed up at Sungai Balok here, said Beserah assemblyman Andansura Rabu.

He urged the Fisheries DepartĀ­ment and the Environment Department to conduct a thorough investigation and disclose the results to prevent speculation from being spread around.

Many people believe bauxite pollution caused the fish to die, he said.

“At the head of the river is the Gebeng industrial area where bauxite is stored. The public needs to know the truth, whether it is due to the dumping of waste from factories, the spilling of bauxite or even fish poisoning,” he said in a statement yesterday.

The images of the dead fish were uploaded on social media.

Pahang Fisheries Department director Adnan Hussain said the cause could be a drop in oxygen level in the water.

“From what I can see in the pictures, it does not seem like there are many dead fish, and those seen are the small ones,” he said, adding that the matter would be investigated.

Fisherman Raja Haris Raja Salim, 63, claimed pollution had also affected crabs, shellfish and freshwater fish along the river.

In Kuala Lumpur, an announcement on whether to issue a temporary halt, impose a total ban or to regulate the bauxite mining industry is expected to be made today by Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar.

Companies involved in bauxite mining also confirmed meeting authorities in Putrajaya this week.

A mining executive wanted the Government to crack the whip on illegal bauxite miners and exporters.

Officially, Pahang only has 11 mining operators after the state revoked the licences of 34 contractors in July.

But he claimed there were as many as 50 companies exporting the ore to China. He pointed out that his company had invested millions of ringgit to mine bauxite legally.

Source: The Star

Hundreds of Mullet fish were discovered dead in the river along Sungai Balok Makmur and Sungai Tonggak in Kuantan, Pahang, Jan 5, 2016.

Malaysia: Hundreds of fish found dead in Sungai Balok Makmur and Sungai Tonggak, Pahang
5th January 2016;

Residents of Kampung Seberang Balok Makmur were shocked with the discovery of hundreds of dead Mullets (F. Mugilidae) in Sungai Balok Makmur and Sungai Tonggak here today.

A restaurant operator at the village, Khairul Azmi Yahya, 30, said he realised the odd occurrence where hundreds of fish were found floating on the river and stranded on the banks at 7am, when he was about to open shop.

“It was strange because there were many white objects floating in the river and when I went closer, I realised they were actually Mullets. I wondered why only Mullets were turning up dead, as the fish is known to be highly resistant,” he told Bernama when met here today.

Khairul Azmi added that many residents who were on their way to stopped by to watch and take pictures of the occurrence.

He said, however, the number of fish (being washed up the bank) had declined in the afternoon as they were drifted away by the currents.

“I hope the cause of death of these fish can be informed to the people here, because there are some industries around the river. It is worrying as there could be chemicals that may be harmful to health or to children who play in the water here” he said.

Meanwhile, another restaurant operator Rafizah Abdul Rahman, 25, hoped all the fish would be swept away by high tides this evening, as she feared the stench of dead fish may affect her customers or residents in the village.

Meanwhile, Pahang Fisheries director Adnan Hussain when contacted confirmed the department had received a report on the death of the fish and they had collected samples to determine the cause of the incident.

“We have taken water samples and tested certain parameters such as the rate of dissolved oxygen, turbidity levels and the pH of the water in the area,” he said.

Source: Malay Mail