Malaysia: Fisheries Department To Investigate Cause Of Death Of Marine Catfish

20th March 2015;

The Penang Fisheries Department will investigate the real cause of pollution that is killing off thousands of Marine Catfish (Sea Catfish) (F. Ariidae) found dead and floating in the Sungai Kerian to the water gates of the Jajar Dam here.

Its director Abdullah Md Dan said he had directed a special team to investigate the matter and his officers had also taken samples of the river water.

“We have received complaints and reports from the residents about the incident and I believe it is not impossible that the death of the fish is due to pollution from toxins released by factories near the river.

"However, further investigations must be carried out and we are still waiting for the water samples which have been sent to the Biosecurity Division for more tests,” he said when contacted here Friday.

Yesterday, Bernama reported that since two days ago, thousands of Marine Catfish died and were found floating in the waters of Sungai Kerian up to the water gates of the Jajar Dam here.

The death of these fish had caused the entire area to reek of the stench of rotting fish at the water gates which are closed.

Meanwhile, Abdullah said, the investigation process could take more time as several tests had to be conducted before a full report could be obtained.

“We will get all the information from the department and agencies involved to determine the cause of death of the fish, whether it is from pollution or not,” he said.

Source: Bernama

Malaysia: Fisheries Department To Investigate Cause Of Death Of Marine Catfish

Watery grave: Villager Hafizie Jamaludin, 20, scooping up ikan duri among the dead fish found along the Sungai Kerian riverbank.

Malaysia: Dead fish in riverbank now number in the thousands
20th March 2015;

Thousands of dead fish were found afloat along the Sungai Kerian riverbank near the Ampang Jajar water gate.

Comprising mostly of ikan duri, ikan manyung (Sea Catfishes) (F. Ariidae) and prawns, they were first found in small numbers belly up on Tuesday. However, by yesterday, they numbered in the thousands.

Authorities are investigating the cause but speculation is rife that there could be water pollution or that the fish died due to the current hot weather.

Ampang Jajar sluice gate caretaker Saiful Alehzaidin, 42, said a strong stench now came from the river.

“Villagers nearby are finding it unbearable,” he said.

“The fish are decaying and the smell is revolting. I have been working here for the past 18 years and this is first time I have seen so many dead fish and prawns,” he said yesterday.

Seri Ampangan Village Development and Security Committee chairman Ahmad Furanji Shariff said: “The situation has worsened as the sluice gates remain closed.

"We hope the authorities will help get rid of the dead fish as they are posing a health problem.”

Fishermen Supian Mohd said their catch would be affected if the problem was not solved soon.

“It is going to affect our income. If the pro¬≠blem is caused by irresponsible people, action must be taken against them,” he said.

Source: The Star

Mohd Hafizi displaying the dead fish. Photo by Masry Che Ani

Malaysia: Thousands of fish die in Sungai Kerian
By Lee Hooi Boon, 20th March 2015;

Thousands of dead fish were found blanketing the surface of Sungai Kerian at Kampung Jajar, Jalan Trans Kerian.

Mohd Hafizi Mohd Jamaluddin, 20, a resident who stays near by the river, said the fish began floating to the surface of the river since Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters here today, he said the dead fish include catfish.

“There are more dead fish in the river today and it is causing an awful smell around our living area now. It is first time to see thousands dead fish at here,” he said.

Village Security and Development Committees (JKKK) chairman Ahmad Furanji Shariff said residents in Kampung Jajar are suffering over the stench.

He said the water gate of the river was closed, hence all dead fish were trapped in the waters of the river.

“The smell is getting worse, so I hope the State Drainage and Irrigation Department, Environment Department or Fisheries Department can come forward and help us to settle this problem,” he said, adding that the river might be polluted and all fish in the river were poisoned.

Source: The Sun Daily