Daily Decay (1st June 2018)

Daily Decay (1st June 2018): Cricket (Velarifictorus sp.) being scavenged by Yellow Crazy Ants (Anoplolepis gracilipes) @ Bukit Batok


Daily Decay (6th April 2018)

Daily Decay (6th April 2018): Rusty Millipede (Trigoniulus corallinus) @ Bukit Batok

African Walking Catfish

African Walking Catfish (Clarias gariepinus)
Kampong Java Park, 24th September 2016

This dead African Walking Catfish was spotted by Kian Min Yeo, and shared to Monday Morgue’s Facebook page.

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Daily Decay (9th March 2018)

Daily Decay (9th March 2018): Spiny-tailed House Gecko (Hemidactylus frenatus) @ Bukit Batok

This hatchling Spiny-tailed House Gecko was probably squashed by a pedestrian, bicycle, or electric scooter while it was on the pavement.